Guatemala – A Short Guide To Visiting The Land Of The Quetzal

Guatemala…where do I even start? What I knew before I arrived: – I have friends who lived there and were happy. – somehow I always had in the back of my mind that it was dangerous but I can’t quote any specific statistics right out of my head, so I wanted to keep that part…

A tasty world!

Not much talking, rather tasting around the world 😉 AMERICA Peru EUROPE Austria AFRICA Cameroon ASIA Sri Lanka More countries will come in another edition of  “A tasty world!” 😉

Mindchanging talk on CNN Asia

I thought I had to give another view of this world from JR. You don’t know who he is? Then check out here how he changes the world by traveling and putting up pictures. Doesn’t sound interesting? After this talk on CNN Asia you will change YOUR mind. Enjoy!

Peru – Surfing, Sandboarding & Pure Nature

The country of the Inca. The country of the Nasca lines. A country with an amazing variety. I had the honour to visit Peru in 2010 in the frame of the Iberoamerican Leadership Congress organized by AIESEC. A 13h flight from Amsterdam took me to this country I didn’t know much about. A part of…