What travelling taught me…

…and university never will.


1. There is not a single right and a single wrong. For everyone, those 2 words mean something completely different.


2. Have #1 in mind, always, whenever you start a conversation with a stranger.


3. Don’t listen to what is told about countries in the TV. It is mostly not really fitting the reality you get to see when you go there.


4. Go where you would never go and do what you might have never thought of doing. –> Example: Before I went to Nigeria, I knew the following things about the country: black people, drug dealers, sexual abuse etc. …  –> After: friends for life, amazing hospitality, huge potential…it could be a very long list.


5. Don’t expect anything wherever you go and you will have the time of your life.


6. Nigerian phones are the only ones that work with sim cards all over the world without any problems ;D


7. West Africa is not East Africa.


8. The Arabic part of North Africa is not considered anymore as Africa (culturally-wise, by me).


9. There are many religions and God has 11 different meanings when you talk with 10 people.


10. If you don’t believe in any religion (like me), be open to discussions and get to know the real reason of why people believe in something.


11. A week without internet can be survived and can be something really good.


12. Time is not needed. Relax.


13. There are things and persons you cannot change – so why get angry about them or complain? Just chill – you will survive it – and learn to adjust.


14. Learn to listen and you will get to know the part between the lines of what people say.


15. Life is beautiful. Every single day!


16. Life is now and not later. If you don’t like your life now than change it NOW – no one will ever do that for you.


17. I deleted the following words from my vocabulary: “I don’t have time.”


18. There are things i hate doing such as brushing my teeth. Yet, it is something that has to be done daily –> Even if there are small things you dont like doing, do them the best you can – it’s worth it!


19. Stay true to what you think but be open to changes in your way of thinking.


20. Don’t interprete what people say. Listen. Pay attention to the words. We interprete mostly so much that we dont even get what the person wants to tell us.


21. 5 people = 6 different opinions 😉


22. You can survive and be happy with very few things. (It took me a long time to really get this, especially because I love shopping)


23. It is possible to live without TV! (Makes you more attentive in real life and more social 😉 )


24. When you stay longer than 2 weeks somewhere, try to learn the local lenguage as well as you can. Ever seen the smile of locals when they see you talking in their language? Not jsut surprised but its the easiest way to connect and really get to know the culture!


25. A smile is the shortest way between 2 people.


26. Be opimistic – it makes life way easier.


27. Marks of the university do not define who you are, neither does it depend on them which job you get nor do they tell what you really know.


28. Past is called past because it’s over. Don’t make the past responsible for your actions of the present.


29. European mosquito repellent does not work with African/Asian/South American mosquitos.


30. EVERYTHING is possible!


31. Be honest. If you don’t want to tell your* truth at the very moment, say: I don’t want to talk about it.

*for everybody, truth has another definition & there’s not just one truth.


32. Better a painful end than a neverending pain.


33. Sometimes, you have to let people go – just accep this fact! You cannot be friends with everyone.


34. There are real palmtrees in Russia.


35. When you want to spend the night on a beach – bring a waaaarm blanket.


36. Never say never!


37. There are solutions everywhere – you just need to find the problem!


38. When people talk bad about you – listen to them. Let them talk. Then think. Then react. AND STAY CALM!!


39. Appearantly big problems often solve themselves when you just wait a little bit and go with the flow…


40. “The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie”


41. Lying is not just done with words but also with silence.


42. Trust is something that is to be established over a long time.


43. My intuition is mostly right.


44. Going up and down in an elevator in a 20-floors hotel with a bunch of AIESECers can be sooo much fun!


45. The opportunities you have out there are endless!


46. Think about the picture you could have in other cultures just because you are drinking a glass of wine (=consuming alcohol).


47. Making an excuse only means that you are scared to really change something about yourself and work harder.


…constantly increasing.


What do you think?

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