A Chinese point of view

Last summer, I went to Egypt and stayed there for six weeks and the country amazed me with its profound history, beautiful natural scenery and friendly people.

My trip in Egypt started in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Along with some friends, we went to see the Pyramid. The whether is so hot there and we sweated a lot. Seeing the Pyramid with our eyes is totally different from seeing from TV, at first, the Pyramid looked small but while you got closer and closer, the building become bigger and eventually became a giant.

With our local friends, we lucky have the opportunities to see many places in Cairo and have the change to learn their history. From the old Cairo, to the Cairo Museum and to the Nile River, we explored this old city thoroughly.

Sometimes, we left Cairo and went to the other parts of this country. The three pictures above are taken in the white desert, a great place that attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists each year. In the white desert, wind shaped the stones into a variety of shapes, from chicken, trees, to mushroom.

We set up a camp, lit up a fire and began to cook our meals. Many foxes living in the desert are attracted by our food and came close to us. We fell asleep with their accompany.

We also went to climb Mount Sinai, the famous holy mountain. We began the climbing in the evening and stay over at the top of the mountain, waiting for the sunrise. The night was cold but the sunrise is so beautiful.

Six weeks past very soon, I left the country with a grateful heart and the wish that one day I will be back.

Written by: Noah Zhao from China

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