Spain is known especially because of soccer and the food (paella, tapas etc.). It has a very own sense of culture. Me personally, I experienced that it is the better, the better you know Spanish. It might not have such a long and vibrant history as, for example, Italy but anyway a lot to see. With its nearly 40 million people it reflects a diverse range of variety. You can find lots of Latinos, Germans and British in the country (as I perceived it). The economy is sometimes up, sometimes down but recently rather the latter one 😉

To an Austrian, some Spanyards might appear a little bit lazy (I’m talking of most I have met, but there are true exceptions!). They usually eat very late – dinner is around 11pm. Going out happens around 1 or 2am – not coming back until like 7am. And the Spanish “mañana”…well, convince yourself 😉

What do you think?

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