If you are already somewhere in Europe, the most convenient way to get to Bratislava is by train or bus from the bordering countries. Otherwise, there is, e.g. Ryanair, offering cheap flights.

Interestingly enough, I arrived at the Bratislava Hlavna Stanica (main train station) which reminded me very much of Krasnodar, Russia. Just one hour from the city with the highest living quality in the world, and though so “Eastern European”.

It is very easy to get into the city center as you just take the bus line 93 and go for 2-4 stations…depending where you want to get off. The city can be explored easily by feet.

As far as I remember, the above picture represents the office of the mayor or the parliament…please do tell me in case I am mistaking it!

There are usually quite a lot of parks and walking around is really nice in summer as you find a nice mixture of sunny and shadow spots.

One of my original plans for Bratislava was going shopping  there. I thought things will be much cheaper than in Austria. Fail. Wrong. Same price. Yet, good shopping malls and really nice clothes, shoes and bags. So, I might come back for taking care of that part of life. There are 2 main shopping malls, “Eurovea” and another one which is 2 stations by bus from the building you see on the above picture.

Guess what was next to the latter shopping center? Yes, a park.

Crossing the park, we came to the Danube, where in the summer, they put some sand there and it looks a little bit like a beach. One can do sports there, just relyex, eat, drink, maybe take a boat/ship and go somewhere.

There are quite a lot of Cafés where you can have a nice drink such as lemonades which is self-made fruit juice – you gotta try it! For food, I suggest you go off the beaten track and enjoy some typical Slovak food. As it’s close, they also offer a lot of Austrian food.

The picture above was shot on a street where you can find a lot of clubs and bars. The good part of such a small city like Bratislava is its compactness. You can find everything pretty much in around 20minutes walking distance.

I found this blue church on the way to Eurovea. Besides its “exotic” color, it looks like a normal church inside.

When you walk out of Eurovea, you find the above statue. As it is located directly on the riverside of the danube, there are a lot of Cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy the evening or just have a walk or do sports. All in all, I’d say that 2 days is enough for seeing the whole of Bratislava (without shopping it can be done in 1 day 😉 ).

What do you think?

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