Porto is a nice little city at the North-West of Portugal. From other countries, it easily reachable from Madrid by plane, for example. Furthermore, it is located on the Douro river and, as its name already says, a harbour-city.

The city has quite some historical spots and enjoys the flair of a sea-close city. When I took the pictures, the weather was not the best one but, nevetheless, I really enjoyed my stay there. One should definitely pay a visit the church where you can go up the tower and have a view over most parts of the city. Maybe you should actually do that first when you come to Porto so you can plan your stay better! 😉


Porto has a lot of small streets and nice old shops.

Althought there are quite a lot of places getting closed because of the economic crisis, you can feel the old town. One should definitely take some little time and stop by in one of the cafés. Taste the local cakes and pastries – you will not be able to withstand.

The houses sometimes remind one of the ones in the Netherlands or Brussels, as you can see above. The streets sometimes tend to get a little bit tight too.

Another place which I went to was the Botanical Garden. It offers you a wide range of colorful flowers and other plants.

And you can get actually pretty close to these friends…

And last but not least, don’t forget to go with the tram! It is a true adventure!

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