Starting the day with a morning flight over the alps (large mountain chain in Central Europe)…

…what would be any better than this? Yep, knowing that you will land in Rome! In my point of view, the capital of Italy is perfect for a one-day trip. From the airport of Rom Fiumicino, you best take the train to the city. As you arrive there, I suggest getting a map immediately, otherwise you might get lost or don’t know where to start.

This time, it really makes sense taking one of the hop-on-hop-off/stop&go) busses. Yet, be careful, there are quite some competing companies and the prices are different and each one got a certain “feature” and something it might be “special” for.

Quite some people speak English, but it makes communication easier if you know Italian or Spanish.

As the first building on the journey we encountered the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II which you can also walk up and have a nice look around the city. There is even a church included.

On the way to the Colloseum, we passed some really antique places. Most of them are really well preserved and give you a quite good impression of how the ancient Rome empire could have looked like.

Something that you might think after visiting Rome (or Italy in general): “Stones.” And don’t forget, there are stones. 😉

Something you definitely have to try is one of the Cafés or the restaurants. Spaghetti, Pizza or Capuccino – give it a try and you will not be disappointed. But be aware that you go away from touristic spots. Quality there is often a lot lower and doesn’t give you the full Italian taste.

Italian people are usually pretty relaxed and help you out easily when you need support. But be aware of the “Carabinieri” 😉

Italy is also famous for the Vatikan – the smallest city state in the world. You have to visit it. Not just because of its uniqueness but also because you feel history when you enter it.

You stand there, just look around and feel amazed. Rather chose the early morning or evening for visiting it in order to prevent long waiting times at the entry.

In the end, I found out that one can also easily walk around Rome…the bus is a nice guide if you are the first time there, but the city is not too big and worth exploring it by feet. Find it out on your own! What secrets did you explore?


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  1. Christine R. says:

    I loved Rome! One of my favourite places in the world to visit.

    I found that the metro was easy to use to get around but one of my favourite memories was using the segway to get around. We went on a segway tour around Ancient Rome and was able to see things slightly outside of the city that you don’t usually get to see. Have a read of my post about Rome here if you’re interested:

    Happy travels and thanks for sharing your adventure in Rome!

    1. Hey Christine,

      I really like your blog entry too as it gives a more detailed overview about the city!!!

      I totally agree with the Segway part (I guess my stay was just too short to even search for the underground 😉 )! Did it in Durban and Gran Canaria – awesome way to get around!!!

      And hey, I saw you came to Salzburg! Let me know when you pass by Vienna – it’s just a great city (It’s on my “to-write-next” list 😉 )

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