Sand beach. Windsurfing. Getting tanned. Doesn’t sound like Russia, is it?

Well, here is the proof that you find it in Russia. Anapa is a little town next to Eastern side of the black sea in Russia. It is around 3h by bus from Krasnodar. Russian bus means not a lot of space, hard seats and interesting people 😉

Russian children growing up with building castles in the sand and many other figures. Something that most of the people can’t imagine when thinking about Russia.

Above you can see another statue of Lenin. Check herefore also the article of Sochi.

Anapa actually has an airport and is much of a touristic city. There is a theme park and a lot of summer activities like surfing, sports competitions and so on.

Anapa has a quite nice boulevard and some walking ways along the coast line. Very scenic in the evening.

You should definitely check out the dried fruits…they are incredibly tasty!

So, if you are just looking for relaxing, then Anapa is definitely on of the places. Sleep. Go to the beach. Walk around. Eat. Do nothing. Here you go 🙂

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