Kuala Lumpur

Arriving in Kuala Lumpur, you already notice the clean and neat city. It is not much crowded (in comparison with such cities like Jakarta, Shanghai, etc.).

One of the first things one should visit is the Petronas Towers. 88 levels and once the highest building in the Asian region. You can go up to the 41st or 42nd level (175m) and walk on the bridge which is connecting the 2 towers.

Yet, already just walking in the park or around the city center gives you a marvellous view to the landmark – by day and by night.

They tend to turn off the lighs around midnight. Sometimes, they turn them off around 12.30am and then on again at around 1.30am. As the sunset is around 7.30pm, I am sure you have enough time to catch the amazing scenery by night.

Another fact that keeps amazing me about Asian countries is the architecture. Above you can see one of the various mosques. Below you see the Thean Hou Temple which is a copy of one of the temples in Hainan, China. Quite often, you see Chinese couples there for getting their marriage picture.

When you enter the temple, take care of taking your shoes off! It is seen as a matter of respect. Inside the temple, you will see amazing colors and embodiments of Buddha.

The next step should be Central Market and China Town where you can shop pretty well (bargain!) and eat delicious local food.

Taste the local food. It is mostly a mixture somewhere between Indian, Chinese and Indonesian food, in my point of view. But just taste it. You won’t be disappointed.

Typical cut “sausages” with all kinds of flavours.


Already talking about food, you should definitely go to one of the night markets. There is where you can really get to know parts of the Malaysian culture (& food).

Besides the nice street lights, it can also happen that you suddenly hear Nigerian music coming out of a Malaysian restaurant. Multicultural. Yet, behind the walls, they still have to work on that aspect. 😉
One should definitely get up on one of the skyscrapers and check the view over the city. Not even talking about the sunset. Here are some impressions I just got on one spot during one evening:

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