Only the name “Zanzibar” already rings tones of holiday, easy life, beautiful beaches and relaxing in our ears. An actually planned trip to Tanzania turned out to be spending most time in the beautiful island of Zanzibar.

DSCN1548 900px

As I landed in Dar Es Salaam, a typical African big city, I first had to get used to the weather. 30°C+ and humidity that felt like 70% or more. The first 24h were defined by holding back my hands which utterly wanted to scratch my itching skin, mosquito bites as I wasn’t as fast with the repellent as those little beasts and getting used to the sandy streets. Besides that, electricity decided to welcome me later and the network for my phone was already a better one. That meant, getting a Tanzanian sim card and with that, connected back to the world!

DSCN1558 900px

I left early in the morning from Dar Es Salaam to get the ferry to Zanzibar. A 20$-ticket (foreigner price) got me a seat on top of the ship and with that an amazing view throughout the trip. (Not talking now about my girlish side that kept complaining about how messed up my hair got by the wind.)

DSCN1573 900px

After ~2h, I took my first footsteps on Zanzibar. And I couldn’t believe it: WI-FI at the harbour! My expectations rose again to being not that lost somewhere on the East of Africa but being able to somehow keep my friends updated about the daily adventures on this beautiful place – yet, even in the middle of Zanzibar, not even the mobile connection has reached yet.

For me, I anyway found a piece of paradise.

DSCN1582 900px

In order to catch a daladala (=public bus), we went through a part of Stone Town which is world heritage today.

DSCN2081 900px

An impressive way which reminded me a bit of the streets of some parts of South/Eastern European islands. Today, it is used like any other place in a town, flats, shops, restaurants etc. Of course, the best places are to be discovered with locals. I got to see amazing places where most foreigners only dream to go to.

DSCN2083 900px

First of all, prison island:

DSCN1960 900px

In earlier times kept for sick people with diseases believed to be incurable, now re-built with a hotel and something very special:

DSCN1974 900px

DSCN1995 900px

You could touch them and sit next to them…amazing animals! After being so close to them in Oman, now seeing them again in Zanzibar – no words!

DSCN1967 900px

The next highlight was snorkeling! Not far from Prison Island, a world full of colorful fishes open up just a few meters below us. Black, white, yellow, blue, red – no end in defining the colors that fish and corals had!

DSCN2027 900px

This little boat, sun shine, clearest water and the view just brougt one thought: life is perfect!

DSCN2042 900px

Arriving back in Zanzibar, this lovely dish found its way to my grumpy stomach:

DSCN2087 900pxFish, rice, beans and plantane – especially the rice reminded me a bit of the food in Sri Lanka!

By the way, if you want to taste pure sugar, drink this: 😉

DSCN2095 600px

Being fueled with energy, we went on to discover the historical sites…next was the slave market…

DSCN2093 600px

DSCN2094 900px

…though we decided rather to draw more attention to the market:

DSCN2101 900px

DSCN2102 900px

DSCN2104 600px

DSCN2110 900px

As the evening was coming closer, we went to the harbor and took a walk on the esplanade during sunset. The following pictures speak for themselves and cause more than amazement:

DSCN2119 900px

DSCN2130 900px

DSCN2121 900px

DSCN2147 900px

Finishing up the evening, we passed by the house of Freddy Mercury…

DSCN2159 600px

…and stopped for a bite to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant whose culture made my wish to go to this country only grow fonder:

DSCN2165 600px

Honey wine

DSCN2170 1000px

Typical Ethiopian dishes

DSCN2181 900px

Coffee ceremony

DSCN2187 900px

Wanna learn Amharic?!

DSCN2188 600px


DSCN2203 1000px

As we decided to take the first morning ferry back to Dar Es Salaam, we were seen off by a beautiful sunrise. Goodbye & asante sana Zanzibar!

DSCN2206 900px

DSCN2208 900px

DSCN2209 900px

DSCN2215 900px

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