In the winter of 2012, I spent 40 days in Tanzania for an internship program together with some other Chinese university students. This is the first time I left China, to a country I wasn’t even familiar with. People had warned me of how dangerous Africa is, but after my trip I am going to tell them, how Awesome Africa is.


These children live near our house. Every time they saw us hanging around, they yelled “how are you” to catch our attention. Sometimes they rushed to us in order to give us a hug.

I spent some time with orphans from the orphanage near the house. They were not just like any other orphans from the orphanage in China, who seem to indifferent in anything, with eyes filled with fear when talking to people from outside. Even if they lived in a house less facilitated, and dressed in rag, they were happy, dancing, running around, and feeling not uncomfortable for us. I still remember one time when I wanted to draw something on the blackboard, they came to me with boxes of chalks, inside which was chalk heads, but they still chose the longest one for me.

Those kids remind me to give a smile to my friends and family, to share and to be nice.


This is the transportation we took every day to work. It costs 200 tsh each time and was always crowded with people. It enabled people to greet each other, and enjoy the wind breeze and the good view in Dar es Salam.

Sunrise of the Kipepeo Beach

On my friend Lily’s birthday, we went to The Kipepeo beach to see a sun rise. To our disappointment, we couldn’t see the sun rising from the horizon because it was blocked by the cloud. But when the sun light came out of the heavy cloud, we were all shocked by the amazing sky.

Before I left Tanzania I went to see the sunrise again. This time, I saw the sun rising from the horizon. This time I have to say goodbye to Tanzania, the land of amazing.

I also went on a short trip to Zanzibar…

I’d only seen this kind of scenery on TV before, but here I was in Zanzibar, where we called “paradise”.


Traveling in a jeep drives me crazy! Animals living peaceful on the plain, you couldn’t imagine the next minute they might rush for life for a lion chasing after. Apart from all the wildlife, the stars on the sky at night were shining like diamonds, definitely is a something you won’t miss!

Written by: Stephy Ho from China

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