What everybody thinks he/she knows about Soweto:

–          Poor people

–          One of the biggest slums in the world

–          Dangerous

–          Illiteracy

Yet, did you know that Soweto (~5 Mio. People) is even bigger than Johannesburg?

Did you know that is has also the highest density of rich people living in a city?

When I went to Soweto, I went there by taxi – public transport. I went to see Nelson Mandela’s house. I got to know that also Desmond Tutu’s house is there, but I haven’t seen it. In my opinion, the house of Nelson Mandela, as it is today, has nothing to do with the house where he lived in.

Soweto has not just a big history but also a very vibrant today. There are a lot of projects going on in order to develop the region and foster local economy.

Another interesting fact, is that the number of your house is determining, not the street you live in. It is easier for people to tell where you live by the number of your house…of course those go up to the thousands 😉

I enjoyed Soweto very much and will go back there, one day.

What do you think?

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