Cultural impressions…

Recent observations of my stay here in South Africa have taught me the following things…

A petrol station is called garage here. So, when you want to get out of the taxi (remember: taxi = minibus), you have the following options to tell the driver where to get out next:

  • short left
  • garage (=petrol station)
  • after robot (= traffic light)
  • bus stop

Sometimes, when you want to go to a place, the taxi driver might take another way than you are used to – because of traffic or mood or whatever reason. Then it can happen to you that you have to get another taxi to get to the place which you usually reach with just 1 taxi.

Before you start talking with a person, you usually ask “how are you”. This comes a little bit weird for someone who comes from, e.g. Europe, and is used to just asking a person for the time and that’s it.

The picture you see above is a recommendation letter from Nelson Mandela for AIESEC. It is incredible to hold such a document in your hands. You can feel parts of the history and the power one person can have.

One of the days in Johannesburg, I also went to an Ethiopian restaurant. What you see below is a dough made of rice flour with various kinds of little dishes on it. You grab a part of the dough and then take one of the dishes that’s on it – with your hands!

Another interesting part about food here is that one can find nearly everywhere “Vienna”. These are sausages which are called “Frankfurter” in German in Austria (= “Wiener” in Germany). Fish and chips or sausages and chips is pretty common food. Besides, I also went to an Indian restaurant and had “Biryani” – very delicious.

What do you think?

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