As the capital of South Africa, it is not even the biggest city (what one expects of a capital) but it offers a lot of specials. Besides skydiving or the Union Building there is also Hatfield. Let’s go a little bit into details…

The picture above shows the view from the Union Building in Pretoria. A construction that reminds me of the Vatikan, slightly. In front of it there is a really nice park. Unfortunately, you can’t enter the building. Yet, in front of it, you can get some nice souvenirs and African crafts.

The park in front of the Union Buildings is also pretty nice for picnics and just taking a break. How I got to the Union Building? It was more of a coincidence. I came by taxi (mini-bus) from Johannesburg to Pretoria, got off somewhere close to the theatre. There I got a taxi to Hatfield. And, suddenly, I saw this huge building which turned out as the Union Building. So I jumped off the taxi and went up.

My original purpose of visiting Pretoria this day was skydiving at the Pretoria Skydiving School. Yet, I didn’t know how to go there. So I asked at the police at the Union Building how to go to Wonderboom airport. After 5 minutes talking, a police officer, who was free at the moment, offered to take me to the airport. I went in a car of a police officer to the airport.

Arriving at Wonderboom airport, I enjoyed a little walk to the Pretoria Skydiving School which is at the other end of where you enter the airport. A beautiful day for skydiving awaited me. I took the option to also take video – well, that means that a cameraman goes with you and makes a video. After an around 10-minutes flight up in the air, I got a little bit nervous – but you don’t have any choice.

It is just about jumping then. And I jumped. I had a beautiful view all over Pretoria and saw until Johannesburg (which is around 60km afar from Pretoria). It is an amazing feeling. It is something which showed me again, that doing something you have never done before and hoping for the best will be incredible.

Check the video here!

Another important spot in Pretoria is Hatfield. This is were all the parties take place and you can also just relax for lunch. It is really nice and a place full of interesting people. An unfortunate side I noticed there was that Africans hang around with Africans, whites with whites and so on. A mix up is needed!!!

Hatfield is also known among students very well. Not just because it is close to the University of Pretoria (also called “Tuks”) but because the prices are reasonable. Here are some pictures of the University of Pretoria:

More about Pretoria yet to come!

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