…or Jo’burg or Jozi. People will understand you, don’t worry. Actually, they say it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Well, but also one of the cities with the highest rate of reported crimes!

A collage showing impressions of the Apartheid time in South Africa…
(picture taken at the Constitution Hill in Johannesburg)

(Constitution Hill – Museum)

I went by taxi there and nothing happened to me. I went around in Town (Newtown) and nothing happened to me. Just take care of your bag and don’t wear any obviously expensive jewelry. Just be careful, as you would be usually. Listen to the local people and then you anyway know where you should go and where better not to walk around. Especially in Newtown, I preferred to ask women in case I didn’t know the way or was searching for something. It was a method of being careful from my point of view.

As you can see the mosque on the picture above, South Africa is multicultural and peaceful now. Yet, I feel that the cultures need to be mixed up. Unfortunately, white people stick with white people, African with African and so on.

Constitution Hill (picture above & below) is best reachable by public transport – means taxis (mini-buses). Just go until Bree Street and then up to the hill.

When you go to the Constitution Hill, you have to visit the museum. It gives you a broad overview of the last 100 years of South Africa. Why Apartheid, what is Apartheid, how it ended, how the people lived etc.

There are loads of artistic crafts which you should definitely have a closer look at as they represent the people’s point of view. Sometimes, when you just try to stand still and look around you, and think what has happened there, it might feel a little bit scary. The time has left marks on the people and it will take time to get rid of them. (Interesting note: you see very few old people in South Africa).

(I don’t know exactly how that place is called but it’s inside the museum on the Constitution Hill)

What do you think?

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