Latest since the Climate Change Conference 2011, the whole world knows about Durban. But what is so special about it?

Durban is located in the South-East of South Africa and a city of many cultures. It is also one of the cities where the most Indians live in a city outside their home country. They engage less in building up restaurants but more in import and export.

I went to Durban from Johannesburg by bus which takes around 8 hours. It might not be the most comfortable way but it is one of the cheapest and safe. I arrived at 5am and it paid off. Durban is not too big, so walking from the bus station to the beach takes around 20 minutes and I got to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world.

It is unbelievable how many people are already awake at this time and doing sports – surfing, jogging, cycling, skating or simply taking a morning walk. When my excitement about the sunrise decreased a little bit, I decided to walk along the beach to uShaka Marine World. This is a mixture of a water park, aquarium, shopping mall and restaurants.

In case you are in Durban without a car, I suggest taking the people mover. This is a bus system consisting in 3 lines – the beach line, the circle line and the city line. It is pretty convenient moving around with them and they bring you to the most important spots. Another transport opportunity are the taxis (= mini-buses or in Nigeria also known as cabs). So, I first went to the stadium where I took part in a Segway tour around it and on the beach. Durban is not that hot, around 30°C, but the sun is very strong thus all the white people out there – you really need to take care of your skin and protect it well.

After the segway tour, I decided to go up the stadium with the sky car from where I enjoyed an amazing view.

Another important stop is the workshop. It is a shopping centre which looks like a fabric hall from the outside with an entry that is hard to find. Inside you have many boutiques and shops with hand crafts (e.g. the Springbok shop where I got a bracelet & earrings made out of coconut). Furthermore you can buy delicious spicies and food from all over the world.

In case you want to relax and maybe make a picnic, you should go to the botanic garden. There is no entry fee. Whether you walk around the sunken garden, enjoy the palm walk or take a rest at the tea garden – you should check it out!

Durban, like Pretoria, looks pretty separated. Most African sit with African, whites with whites and so on. Very few people really mix up. I tried to change it a little bit. I went by bus from Johannesburg there, where I was the only white one. In Durban, I went to the areas where mostly Africans resided. It is about YOU to contribute with your own little part to a more open environment.

I had an amazing & unforgettable time!

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  1. charity says:

    Its springbok not springbuck pammy,lol

    1. Hahaha, thanks a lot! I corrected it 🙂

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