South Africa

After an eight hours flight from Dubai, I arrived on time in Johannesburg. Shortly before I reached my accommodation it started hailing, raining and thunderstorms came up which I haven’t seen for a long time. Nevertheless, from the first moment on I was amazed. My skin started itching which was more a sign of the climate than any mosquitos or flies. After moving in, I saw that I will be living with 7 other people:

  • 1 from New Zealand
  • 3 from India
  • 1 from Brazil
  • 1 from the USA
  • 1 from Ghana.

In the evening, we went out. I never had so much fun during the first day of my stay in a new country. I could have not been happier.

I learnt in the meanwhile that when people talk about “robots” here they mean traffic lights. When you see somewhere written “To Let” it actually means something is “To Rent”. Besides, I had to get used to the people driving the left side. I still look to the left side first when I want to cross a street. I will get used to that.

The second day, I decided to go to a place called Lion Park. It is located near Lanseria, in the North-West of Johannesburg. I went there by taxi. Alone. Taxi means a mini-bus which is used for public transportation.

In the Lions Park, I touched a Giraffe, stroke cubs and was closer to some of the “Big Five” I could have ever imagined. It was a wonderful experience and I have no words for describing it.

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