A city people have been talking much about. Especially in the bad way. High crime rate. Megacity. Slums. Poor people. Well. I want to show you the different side. The side that media doesn’t show but people see when they live there.

As in all of Nigeria, the mostly yellow cabs are the remarkable transport vehicles you will mostly take. Or you prefer being stuck in traffic and bound then you have an own car. If you want an even easier way, take a bike. It’s fun. And it’s fast. The drivers sidle through the traffic between the cars and cabs like there were none. Some ask you to wear a helmet which they take with them but most of them don’t have one. Yet. It’s changing.

A personal recommendation is to go one of the markets there. I went to one on Victoria Island. This part of Lagos has all the big hotels and international companies. It is seen as the rich part of the city. Yet, the market is something different. It is Nigerian life. Nigerian business. Bargaining. I do love bargaining. As a white person, you might get a price + “white tax” that means the traders start with an extra price. Usually, the real price is somewhat around 1/4 – 1/5 of what he originally mentioned. The quality is also pretty good if you know the things to check before you get an item/clothes. And you can get everything there!

Besides the market, I didn’t take many pictures as I don’t like to just make pictures of people so just to have pictures. It was more important for me to really concentrate on being there and experience the city.

In case you are among the white ones, you will pretty often hear “Oyibo” meaning “white man/person”. Just smile back. 🙂

Lagos used to be the capital of Nigeria but now it is Abuja. Still, it is the financial & cultural  part of Nigeria. Most “Nollywood” movies are shot there and, as far as I know, all the major banks have their headquarters there…

Another side of Lagos I appreciated much was going out. There are really fine clubs with amazing music. And they still know how to dance and party. If one asked me where one can go out best in the world?! Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Go for it. If a European says the best parties are in a certain country in Europe, this person has not been to those other 2 continents!

Though there are not many sunny days (partly due to the smog), there is always a steady warm and sometimes hot climate. Mostly humid. And what’s best to do at a high temperature? Yes, go to the beach! Well, it might take you some time to find a nice spot because waste management is not what Nigeria is famous for. But, you’ll find a place. And then? Just enjoy! 🙂

What do you think?

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