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From a touristic point of view, it is hard to set a specific reference about Cameroon. The country is so diverse – more than 200 local tribes…

…and all the beauty of Africa plus ashtonishing scenaries.

The northern Cameroon (3 regions: Adamaoua, North Region and Far North Region) borders to the Republic of Tchad and Nigeria. Furthermore, it is the most attractive part of Cameroon and the most visited.

It’s famous for this Sahel climate and the savanna with amazing rock mountains – some with more than 1000 meters high.

Besides, the North of Cameroon is very famous for its wildlife parks:

Waza park is the most famous one. You can further find Benoue Park and Bouba Dhijda where you have animals like elephants,giraphe,lions,antilops,Oxen…

This region is also very rich with historical traditions. You should definitely visite a traditional village that has not been influenced by modernity. Special note ‘’NO Camera is authorized’’. 😉

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