What do you know about Cameroon?

Samuel Eto’o?


Well, I didn’t even know that shortly before I booked my flight. The reason for visiting the country was the regional conference of AIESEC Africa.

Cameroon is located in the east of Nigeria and at the north of Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. The coast runs along a part of the south-west side of the country.

Before the trip, I was visiting friends in Nigeria, so we decided to go to Cameroon by ship. Of course, the ship was around two hours late when we departured. (Like everything in Africa takes its time – from the perception of a European always too long). Yet, you learn to use the time for talks, studying, reading etc.

Entering Cameroon went well because I had gotten my visa before in Europe. Until we got the bus for going to the place of the conference, it had already gotten dark – something we actually wanted to prevent. After around an hour in a crowded bus with our luggage on the top, we got stopped by the police. Some of us were forced into handcuffes. Me, as the only white person, I tried to stay at the back (fortunately without handcuffes) and not show myself. Because, as it turned out after around 90 minutes, the only thing the policemen really wanted from us was money. And showing myself means showing a white person and, unfortunately, still often means having a lot of money.

Another, very beautiful, side of Cameroon are the beaches. I was astonished when I saw them the first time. Such a clear sand and scenic landscape. Beauty in its best expression. I was finally completely surprised when I saw a beach with black sand. Not even talking about the warmth of the Atlantic ocean.

Cameroon itself has very few tourists – only around 700 per year. A number which is increasing. Growing. With a great developing potential!

What do you think?

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