On Being A Good Guest…Here Are 9 Simple Rules About The ‘How To’

Let’s be real…you probably have been a guest more often than you can guestimate.

Whether it is sleeping over somewhere, paying for an Airbnb, staying at a hotel, or just coming over to a friend’s house.

You’re entering somebody’s space that they value, appreciate, have probably invested a lot in, and call their home for a reason. A place where they can be absolutely themselves, run around naked when they want to and have their very own rules. Rules, that might not always make sense to you, because people are different. But, rules, that you should stick to as a respect for that person.

That china was probably a gift from their grandma.

That towel might have been the first towel they bought in their life and invested in.

That toiletry bag…as simple as it looks…was a gift from their dad, which they got about 10 years ago, and have cherished ever since.

The backpack that looks so nice and great…a gift from their last employer.

You might not be aware of it, but the smallest items can keep very meaningful memories that are reminders of a very special energy and occasion. When you don’t take care of that, it can often feel like a disrespect and ignorance of one’s own history and memories that have been built by hard work.

So, here’s a short list of simple to-do’s if you care about making other people happy and showing your respect in a way that is meaningful to them:

  1. When you break something or make it dirty, say something immediately, and don’t wait until the end of your stay. Offer to replace the value of it, and everything will be fine (except it was that China from grandma!).
  2. You take stuff out anywhere? Put it back. Make an effort, please, to remember where it was. Most owners of houses have their system and what makes a home a home is that certain things have their place.
  3. Don’t put everything in the dishwasher that you find. Knives, wooden utensils, fine dishes with prints on them, or non-stick cookware. Apply your common sense, or ask. Believe me, you’re much better off asking!
  4. Don’t leave food standing around openly anywhere – that open rice bag or the chocolate you just started to eat? Put it in a ziplock. Moths can be really nasty and believe me, they’re the last thing you’d like to be the creator of.
  5. Look at how the apartment or the room is set up – take a picture if needed to support your memory – in reference also to 2).
  6. See personal stuff of the owner that you really admire? Give them a compliment. Don’t ask if you can use it because it looks so nice. Usually, if you give a compliment, the owner appreciates it and if he/she is open to you using it, they will tell you. But, just looking at other people’s stuff and taking it for one’s own use without permission is a strong no-go.
  7. Shall you find yourself in the situation of already having done 6 and using e.g. a toiletry bag with something liquid – put it in an additional ziplock. Liquids have the characteristics of running out when you don’t want them to, so, please, use a ziplock to protect the owner’s bag or cover you used.
  8. Your sense of cleanliness might not be the same as the owner’s. The general rule is to leave the apartment as clean as you found it or even cleaner. Once a week, wipe the dust away and go through the apartment with the available cleaning utensils. Or hire a cleaner if this is a task you don’t like to do yourself.
  9. Love cooking? Awesome. Clean it up. Don’t put anything half dirty back on the shelves. A) it’s disgusting, and B) it’s not hygienic and attracts friends you don’t want to have living with you. Something got stuck or you don’t know how to clean it? Ask Dr. Google, Dr. YouTube or refer to 8) of hiring somebody to help you.

By applying these 9 rules (or your common sense) you won’t just be welcomed back anytime but you will also make someone’s life a lot easier and give back the hospitality big time.

What is important for you as a host when you have a guest?

Or what is something that you do as a guest to leave a good impression?

Comment below!

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