…Or Maybe You’re Just Making Excuses

I have recently hired my first employee. An amazing young woman from Kenya. How I got her? Here’s the short story.

I published a post on it on Facebook and had friends share it. I let everybody interested fill out a basic Google Form with key questions I put together before. Nearly 30 people filled it out. I selected about 20 to who I sent the job description. I told them that if they liked it they should send me their CV and updated LinkedIn profile until a certain date. Out of those 20 about 15 sent it, and to most of them I offered an interview. About 10 scheduled one. And about 6 showed up. A few were late.

I’m no friend of excuses.

You couldn’t be there because there’s no internet? Call me.

You didn’t get that job? Try harder. Connect with more people.

You just can’t lose that weight because she doesn’t cook healthy? Stand your man, say no to that food, and cook your own healthy meals. Just don’t be lazy.

You are not where you want to be in life? Sacrifice what you are for what you want to be.

You can’t get up at 6am because you don’t feel like getting up or you’re an “evening person”? Find your passion or admit that you’re not yet ready to excel in life.

You didn’t study or research about work opportunities because people are messaging you on your phone? Set your borders clear. Create an automatic message that says you’ll answer only twice a day at these and these times.

You didn’t get reach the income goal you have for this month? Stop playing video games and work on creating a business instead.

There’s tons of people out there who want it. But they JUST want IT. They don’t enjoy the ride. They don’t enjoy the downs the same as they do the ups.

I’m obsessed with the ride. I feel the down’s, I analyze them deeply, and I create a momentum to push me up again. It is a pure joy to have a down because I can’t wait for the amazing up to come – which is usually better than the ones before. There is no “It can’t be done”.

Oh, it wasn’t done before?

Awesome – a great moment to be the first one!

As Peter Diamandis says, “No” simply means begin one level higher.

Michael Jordan’s Trainer says “If you’re not there at 9am, I don’t work with you.” And how right he is! How dare you waste my time if I dedicate mine to you?

You missed that bus? Well, leave 10min earlier. You somehow always come late? Put a system in place to look at that clock. Form habits, let go of excuses.

A dear friend of mine lost his job recently. Around 2 months before it happened, I advised him to start looking for new roles since the company started sending signs. I even coached him, showed him ways on how to do it easily and efficiently. He always moved it. Yesterday, he had to go see a friend. Today, he woke up late and had to stay longer at work. Tomorrow? Who knows. He ended up moving these tasks so much that it is now 3 weeks after he left the company and he still hasn’t gotten any role. Today? He spent sooo much time in traffic and had to go meet an uncle. If you’re not ready to do what it takes to get to where you want to be, do not come to me and complain you don’t have a job.

Be relentless.

In Tony Robbins’ words, “find out what people do that are where you want to be.” Study them. Mirror them. If you can’t come up with your own way, look at real role models and see how they got to where they are today.

Everybody is entitled to a mediocre life. But don’t complain about being where you are if you’re not ready to take the steps to create your own extraordinary life.



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