14 Tips For Millennials Who Want To Travel The World

In the past 2 months, I’ve worked from beaches, airports, universities, boats, local cafés, swimming pools, hotels, couches, coworking spaces, busses, hammocks, and even the jungle. I’ve driven amazing sports cars, seen the heights of New York, eaten the healthiest food, met amazing people creating impactful change, learnt a bit more about programming but especially about myself, attended events with some of the biggest personalities in tech, sports, and the world in general, made new friendships for life, and grew my business from nothing to a healthy base.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

So, here’s 14 tips for millennials who want to travel the world.

  1. Hand luggage is enough. A trolley + backpack is all you need. I still had my heels, makeup, and fancy dress. But I also had my sports clothes with me to make sure I can keep up my sports schedule. Pack clothes for around a week and wash once a week. You’ll enjoy not caring around too many dirty clothes and the easiness of not spending unnecessary time on contemplating about what to wear. And, you can go shopping without guilt when something breaks/wears out.
  2. There’s good internet everywhere. Often the local internet cafes have better connection than international chains.
  3. There are local busses going everywhere and they are often much cheaper than shuttle companies. Don’t worry about too much planning; tickets are often bought on the spot. When I arrived in San José in Costa Rica, the only thing I knew was that by the next day I wanted to be in Guanacaste. When I got out of the airport, I asked around – it took me 2 people – and quickly found a bus to the city. There, after 3 other helpful people and 10min walk, I was at the station where the busses left to Liberia. I stayed the night in Liberia, and in the morning took a taxi (2$) back to the bus station and asked for the next bus in the surroundings of Playa Conchal. Turns out there would’ve been a bus for around 4$, taking around 1,5h. However, still having the taxi drivers offer in my head – he offered an original 80$ to take us the full way – we went back and got it down to 50$. 25$ per person in a well-aired car for around 1h drive. Off-road tour included. It paid off.

    Playa Conchal, Costa Rica
  4. A local sim card isn’t necessary. There is WiFi already everywhere. I’ve been getting through with WhatsApp and Skype calls. You really don’t need to gaze at your phone screen every free minute. Disconnect.
  5. Once you do what you love, things suddenly start falling in place like never before. The universe will support you – if you let it. You like to work and travel at the same time? Do it. Figure out how on the way and give your best.
  6. Do good. Talk good. Be good. Let the news agencies take care of all the negativity. Your job is to discover the world at its best, to emerge in it and help spread it.
  7. In each moment you either live in fear or love. Choose wisely.
  8. May you believe in God, Allah, or Buddha. But always put the belief in yourself first.
  9. If you are not the person for 8h/day 5days/week – then DON’T DO IT. You will never perform at your best. Find your own schedule. I don’t distinguish between weekdays and weekend. I work whenever I feel like. ‘Hold on.’ You’ll say. ‘Hold on. Work whenever you feel like? But then I’d never work at all!’ When you have fun at what you do and it fulfills you, you start playing, not working. And you’ll often feel like playing a lot – because it’s so much fun!

    VIew from the Empire State Building, New York
    View from the Rockefeller Center, New York
  10. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur. We’re in a world where startups and entrepreneurship are being pushed a lot. Fact is, not everybody is an entrepreneur. Not everybody is able to bring up the drive and passion needed to create a lasting and successful business. But you may just be the right person to be a follower and support a bigger vision. There’s a need for everyone.
  11. Surround yourself with people that add value to your life, or, as Will Smith says, ‘focus on your obligation to make the life of every person that you come in contact with better’. Whether that is simply having a good time or brainstorming ideas or discussing business.
  12. Invest in yourself. Do it to increase the value you can offer to people. Do it to keep your brain on fire. IMG_20151001_142317
  13. Having a business you do online is nice, but you need to go out there and be among people. Only the human connections are the ones that last.

    Awesomeness Fest – Give Back Day
  14. Google Translate and Skype and all these technologies are already brilliant at helping you with languages. However, they’ll never be able to replace the human aspect of making the effort of learning something so essential. The joy in people’s eyes when you’re trying to speak their language is priceless and opens a lot of doors.

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  1. Moritz says:

    Very nice guide. For example, I still can’t believe how many people take heavy luggage with them, while traveling with just hand lugagge is so easy and convenient.

    1. Thank you Moritz. I absolutely share your point of view.

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