Cockroach Polo

…never heard about this game? No wonder. I just invented it. Instructions are easy. Coincidentially step on the various cockroaches running around by night. As you wake up in the morning, take a broom and kick the dead ones out like you’d play Polo.

For someone like me who is usually scared of such animals, take those situations with a bit of humor 😉

Well, up to the important things in life:

Did you know that Rwanda produces its own coffee and tea?


Very delicious and definitely worth getting used to. For me, it’s a bit comparable to Ethiopian coffee. For me as an usual hardly-ever-coffee-drinking European a real change in the definition of this drink!

An interesting view that you get when you walk around in the evening is seeing all the foot sellers selling their fruits, fish, vegetables on the street. Something special for me was when suddenly a woman passed by with 6 chicken on her back. More or less alive. But of course, ready to be cooked.


As many people also wonder about the language here, I’ll try to clarify this a bit. The official languages here are English, French and Kinyarwanda. If English doesn’t work, try French. If French doesn’t work, go for Kinyarwanda. In the end, you mostly will go for a mixture of all three.


Transport costs are very interesting here. As I’m taking mostly bikes here (because they are faster and always there), I’m bargaining each day. It already happened to me that I paid once 300 and once 500 for the same way – just because once there is much traffic, few bikes available, etc. – also depending on the time of the day you go (it seems). People do ask me why I love the bikes so much. I don’t know. Probably it’s the convenience and the easy breeze that you always have around when you are going somewhere on them. And it’s something quite African for me. Besides, everybody has to wear a helmet! The other common transport is a bus or rather called “Taxi” here. Those are the usual public transport busses you find all over from West to South to East Africa.

What do you think?

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