What I wish for you…(for Christmas & New Year)

No matter if you are celebrating Christmas or not. Not matter if you are going into the new year soon or still wait some time. That is what I wish you for your next year!

I wish you happiness. Happiness that is determined by yourself.

I wish you friendship. Friendship that matters most when everything else has lost importance.

I wish you smiles. Smiles that nobody can ever take away.

I wish you courage. Courage to stand up for what you believe in.

I wish you a little bit more voice. A little bit more to sing louder and clearer.

I wish you a little bit more strength. A little bit more to stand up when all you think about is lieing down.

I wish you a little bit more craziness. A little bit more to go for things you never thought you could do.

I wish you a little bit more virtue. A little bit more when you talk with the crowds so not to loose the ground.

I wish you perseverance. Perseverance when the seconds don’t seem to pass.

I wish you honesty. Honesty that will guide you to your greatest success.

I wish you open-mindedness. An open mind that will open up worlds you have never imagined.

I wish you boldness. Boldness that will not let you set back easily.

I wish you stones. Stones that will show you how to build walls.

I wish you endurance. Endurance that will not just let you run, but run beyond your borders.

I wish you mistakes. Mistakes that make you fall, learn, stand up and stronger than ever.

I wish you success. Success that makes you strive for more and reach higher.

And I wish you leadership. Leadership that will make you leave a positive footprint and impact on others. Wherever you will go.

What do you think?

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