Traveling surprises

You go somewhere, expect nothing but find friends for life, soulmates, the love of your life. If you lost yourself, you will find a new self. Go aside the beaten path and you will leave a trail.

The same as traveling is connected to saying “hello” to new places, it is connected to “goodbye’s”. It teaches you to cherish moments. The little ones. You learn that those “goodbye’s” are often not forever. You will meet the special and loved ones again. In the strangest situations. Most unexpectedly. (I met a friend again after 2 years in an airplane where she was stewardess)

Traveling is a lot about time. Will you spend half an hour more on Facebook or will you go out there and rather have a talk in person with the people? Will you stay inside playing video games or go out to get to know new people?

If life was a book and you were the author – how would you like the story to go?

What do you think?

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