Ramadhan in Oman

Already on the way to Oman, I noticed that I’m not the only Austrian going there so I had a travel compagnion. Nevertheless, it turned out that there are only around 60 Austrians living in The Sultanate of Oman. One of the reasons why there is no embassy. Guess where we have the embassy now? United Arab Emirates would be an obvious answer.


The embassy cannot be in a state which is lower in regards to the echelon. So, now it is placed in Saudi Arabia.

Anyway, as I arrived in Mascat airport, my luggage found it to be nicer in Germany. As it was just the begin of Ramadhan, I found myself getting thirsty while waiting for the luggage. And wanted to drink. Well, Rhamadan means not drinking and eating during the day. If you want to drink or eat you should do it hidden. So, I went to the bathroom to drink. For the first time in my life.

As I got out, I thought it to be an uncomfortable 40°C. Yet, as it is really dry here, it is a nice heat.

Like in the other Gulf states, a car is the main transport vehicle which makes the heat bearable.

As it is Rhamadan right now, I decided to try out fasting. Up to the drinking water point. I consider it to be a necessity to drink also during the day – from a healthy point of view.

As the day passed by, and the sunset was close, people started preparing for Iftar. When you are preparing the food for it, it is a feeling I can’t describe. Like you have been waiting for something very long and then you finally get it.

Iftar is the meal for breaking your fast. So after sunset you have Iftar, then the Muslims pray, and then you have dinner. We went to an Indian restaurant for finally getting the long awaited food. It was really delicious.

Mascat itself is not a too big city and an interesting fact is that buildings are not really high as it is not allowed to build a lot of floors. The highest building so far, if I remember right, is a hotel with 15 floors.

I would have loved to add pictures, but my internet connection is very low at the moment. I will follow up.

What do you think?

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