How to choose your next travel destination

As my last trip (Paris) has already passed some 2 months, my inner little voices were already screaming for a new adventure. But. Where? When?

So…154 countries are still on my list…but which ones goes next? I had quite some preferences but I decided to let myself surprise. What I did? I simply opened Google Maps. Zoomed out until I had an overview about the whole world. In the meanwhile I asked on Facebook for suggestions from friends.

So it started. Randomly I picked the first country which happened to be, by suggestion, Chile. I checked the flights and noted down. A look at Google Maps, a look at the flight search engine. And it went on, next country, next country. A look at Google Maps, a look at the flight search engine. And slightly, personal preferences showed up.

It shouldn’t be too cold. Would also be nice if there was a beach. Or an island.

I kept on searching.

In the meanwhile, I had already checked the flight prices for over 30 countries. I gave myself a maximum of 10 days for the possible trip. July should it be. Therefore, such big countries like Brazil already got thrown out of my list as I prefer to take more time for the “giants”.

Yet, it should be overseas somewhere. Well…it started getting difficult.

Suddenly, it dawned on me. There was an invitation outstanding. From a country that was actually not overseas at all (in my point of view). A country not many people know about. So I decided to challenge myself. 45°C+ is not what everybody likes. A possible Ramadan is up to ones way of thinking. As I already met incredible people from this country, I decided to visit it. Because of the people I met. And the culture. And a new adventure. A place I have never been before. A road not many of my country have taken. Oman should it be!

A friend of mine already wrote a guest entry about this wonderful country, check it out here.

Stay tuned (the easiest way is to subscribe to my blog by entering your email below “Follow blog via email”) about my next destination’s story!

So what do you do, when you are asking where next? Open the world map. Or ask your friends abroad. And choose. It’s up to you!

What do you think?

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