Travel ≠ Open Mind

I recently had a conversation with an Afghan living in Austria since around 6 years and is at the age of 23. No perspectives. No belief.

A believe in a politician who is pledging for politics which would even kick him as a foreigner out of the country.

He could enjoy the chance to work in the city with the highest living quality in the world, knows to speak 5 languages, has lived in 5 countries but still, no recognition of his own talent. Sportive, handsome and tons of opportunities.

Sunglasses covered his dis-believe in himself and the good in the world. I asked him, what are your dreams?

He: I don’t have dreams.

I asked, what do you believe in?


I asked, what are the things that deeply concern you/are important in your life?

Nothing. Why are you asking such random questions?

Life sucks. Nothing matters.

And not even the glimpse of wanting to change something.

“A ravine is not overcome in two jumps.” – Chinese proverb

Some people just do not want to change anything. They don’t see the value.

The other side of traveling. How can you have lived in various countries, got such deep impressions into cultures, but still, do not believe in yourself, the country you live in, your future?

What do you think?

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