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This time, it’s not about a country. Rather about life…

Recently, in the last lesson of a class at university, we had an exam. A few weeks before, somewhere when half of the lessons of the class passed by, we had the chance to give the teacher a written anonymous feedback (common use at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration). Weeks later, shortly before the final exam, the teacher gave us feedback on the feedback. Her first sentence was: “I’d like to thank those 6, 7 people who really took an active part in the lessons.”

For your information: we were around 30 people in the class. At the beginning of the class, she asked us, what are our favourite subjects and why are we studying Business Administration. Me and another student answered. 2 people could answer.

She continued talking about our feedback.

“Most of you wrote that you were taking an active part of the class. No. You failed. You are the worst class I ever had. You are passive. And it’s sad that you don’t know why are you studying what you are studying. Asides from a few exceptions, you did not show any interest.”

I have to say, she was one of the few teacher who made the lessons interesting. She brought articles. Real life examples. Business examples to discuss. It was a class I truly enjoyed and loved going to. She made efforts and is a role model for 90% of all the other teachers. She is one of the few who dared to speak out. And she was right.

Most of the people finished the class with a 2 or 3. But a clear 5 in taking part in class. They had a good grade because at the right time they were able to write the right things. They were passive.

Students. The upcoming elite.

No. Not those.

And I have to say that ~80% of my fellow students are like this. I understand if there are few who don’t like to speak out. Yet, if there are ~90% who can’t tell you why they are studying what they are studying, then this is a sad fact. Once it is a sign of the failure of the education system. On the other hand, a clear statement that we are having too much (money).

They are passive. They have no idea what is out there. They are passive because too many grades are based on the exam you WRITE and not what you SAY in class. In a company, seriously, are you judged by your papers or the actions you take?

One of the solutions I suggest: Travel. Send people to countries in another continent. Let them go there and explore. Truly explore. Force them to take actions. Education should motivate to be ACTIVE and DO something.

Go for 2 months to Zambia, 5 months in Honduras or a year to the Philippines. Engage in the culture. Listen. Learn.

Only good grades will take you nowhere.

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  1. So true and empowering! I hope this situation will change somehow. It depends on them but we also- the active ones- have a role to play here, don’t you think? motivating them to go out, to discover by themselves, at least trying to let them know there’s lot to see beyond their borders.

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