1 Day in Rome – Stones, Pizza & Ceasar

What is Italy famous for? Spaghetti? Pizza? The leaning tower of Pisa? Well, check out Rome for a day and you will get a profound impression of the manifold sides of the boot. Explore the culture in a nutshell!

Peru – Surfing, Sandboarding & Pure Nature

The country of the Inca. The country of the Nasca lines. A country with an amazing variety. I had the honour to visit Peru in 2010 in the frame of the Iberoamerican Leadership Congress organized by AIESEC. A 13h flight from Amsterdam took me to this country I didn’t know much about. A part of…

Durban – No separation for sunsets!

Latest since the Climate Change Conference 2011, the whole world knows about Durban. But what is so special about it? Durban is located in the South-East of South Africa and a city of many cultures. It is also one of the cities where the most Indians live in a city outside their home country. Keep reading…

Morocco – Freezing in the desert

Recently known because of revolution, Arabic spring and so on. There was a travel warning, like for many other countries but I anyway went. Have you ever spent a night in the desert Sahara? Who you better should get advice from and who better not to listen to…read the whole story here 🙂

Ife – Cradle of humankind

Arriving during noon at Lagos Murtala Muhammed Airport welcomed me to a completely different world. It was hot, and humid. I started qeueing for getting my immigration approved. And waited. And people passed. I tried to ask one officer if I could pass because someone is waiting for me. Hardly any reaction. (You will find…