Porto – Historic Portuguese Flair

Porto is a nice little city at the North-West of Portugal. From other countries, it easily reachable from Madrid by plane, for example. Furthermore, it is located on the Douro river and, as its name already says, a harbour-city.

The city has quite some historical spots and enjoys the flair of a sea-close city. When I took the pictures, the weather was not the best one but, nevetheless, I really enjoyed my stay there. One should definitely pay a visit the church where you can go up the tower and have a view over most parts of the city. Maybe you should actually do that first when you come to Porto so you can plan your stay better! 😉

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  1. Dear Jerome,
    Thank you very much! It was a pleasure visiting (if I may say) this town. Let me know what you think of the other cities I displayed so far! 🙂

  2. Jerome says:

    Hi, it’s so nice to read such good things about our city.
    I encourage you to vote on a recente poll to choose the European Best Destination on 2012:


    Thank you, and you’re welcome to come again soon.

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