“Bike-lands” or The Netherlands

Bikes…bikes…and bikes. And oh, bikes. Many bikes…that was my first impression of the Netherlands. Besides that fact, the airport and train station of Schiphol in Amsterdam is very nice. Read me 🙂

Soweto – The other side

What everybody thinks he/she knows about Soweto: –          Poor people –          One of the biggest slums in the world –          Dangerous –          Illiteracy Yet, did you know that Soweto (~5 Mio. People) is even bigger than Johannesburg? Read me!

Porto – Historic Portuguese Flair

Porto is a nice little city at the North-West of Portugal. From other countries, it easily reachable from Madrid by plane, for example. Furthermore, it is located on the Douro river and, as its name already says, a harbour-city. The city has quite some historical spots and enjoys the flair of a sea-close city. When…


As the capital of South Africa, it is not even the biggest city (what one expects of a capital) but it offers a lot of specials. Besides skydiving or the Union Building there is also Hatfield. Let’s go a little bit into details… The picture above shows the view from the Union Building in Pretoria. A…