Nigeria is beautiful – it’s green white green – life, peace and life

You may ask yourself – why should I go to Nigeria? Well…I can’t answer you this question but I can tell you why I went to Nigeria:

In 2010, I had already been to Peru and China. After that west-east trip, I wanted to go to another country I’ve never been to and get to know a culture that is different from everything I’ve known before. Besides, the picture of Nigeria in Austria is a very bad one…one that contains nearly all the prejudices a country could have. From drug dealers, kidnappers to murders I heard nearly everything. Yes, there are those people but also in Austria. They are everywhere – it is not country wise. I wanted to go there and see the reality. I wanted to see another picture than it was drawn in Austria. I wanted to get to know new people and live for a while in another country.

Within the 10 weeks I spent there, I saw a complete different picture. Yes, there are poor people and, yes, there is corruption. I won’t deny that. Yet, I met amazing people. I met people who made me think, step over my borders and learn more – each day. I am more patient now and I learnt to take life as it comes and make the best out of. A very good friend told me there, “Nigerians hardly complain – they take life as it comes and make the best out of it.” It is true. I got inspired and learnt how to work with another culture. I adjusted easily but I still had to learn some rules of life. Fortunately, I didn’t have many problems with the food when I came there.

I was working for 10 weeks on a project called “African Young Entrepreneurs”. Already on the first weekend I spent there, I was travelling to Abuja in order to meet other interns from Nigeria and take part in the Global Village. I got to know not just Nigerians but also Chinese, Taiwanese, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Netherlands, German, Korean, Greek and Danish people. I learnt from them and they learn from my side. It was not just an exchange of culture but also of ideas, experiences and great minds.

I went to a conference as facilitator and attended another conference with over 300 people. People with huge potential and energy. I had the feeling of having a positive impact on so many people..

On one of my last Saturdays in Nigeria, we went to a waterfall. For the first time in my life, I stood under a waterfall – a wonderful moment which I shared with around 10 other people – interns and Nigerians. Around a week before, I went out with Psquare – something most Nigerians wait a whole lifetime for.

I don’t regret any minute I spent in this beautiful country – with all the good and bad sides. You enjoy the good sides and you learn from the bad ones. The latter one just makes you stronger. Those ten weeks didn’t just make me stronger but also grow and expand my personal borders. This time brought me wonderful friendships – friends I can count on. All in all, it was an unforgettable and wonderful experience.

If I would go back in time and somebody asked me if I would spend my summer 2010 again in Nigeria, I can just say “YES”.

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  1. Thank you! Just keep spreading the word about this platform!

  2. Harry says:

    What an inspiring story from Pam Ela. can remember that day I say you in that white bus in Abuja during the global village.
    All the best and we pray that we deliver more amazing opportunities to our interns in the future.

  3. M'ade says:

    that is so inspiring even for an indigene like em. we hope to receive you again. HEY AIESEC!

  4. One NIgeria, enjoy it!

    I am from Venezuela and went to Nigeria as an AIESEC intern in Lagos. Nigeria is the kind of place that steals your heart and refuses you to leave. It’s a beautiful, chaotic, energetic, surviving, emerging, fun, religious, spicy, and hardly describing country. Its beauty falls on its people and their human quality. The power they show on their eyes and the respect for the unknown.

    A place where anything can happen. When you think you have seen it all, then your mind blows up again. Art hits you on everyday clothing, afrobeats and hip hop. Indeed, a place hard to describe and still unbelievable charming.

    I loved Nigeria, and its multicultural society. Met great people that became my brothers also and met the love of my life. Understood mIllions with a desire of making a difference and bringing a positive change to a corrupted and hurt lady on green and white. For ten months, Nigeria was the host of one of my greatest and life-changing experiences.

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